About Rita’s Italian Ice in Honolulu, HI

Mission of Rita’s Italian Ice

At Rita’s Italian Ice, we believe your visit should be something special. With the freshest, highest-quality treats, we provide a chance to escape the pressures of everyday life, take a moment for yourself, and enjoy some delicious happiness. Visit our Honolulu, HI, shop today to get a taste of our delicious Hawaiian desserts!

History of Rita’s

Flavored water ice has a history stretching back centuries to Ancient Rome and Greece, where people would add wines and syrups to handfuls of snow. In the 17th century, ice cream and water ice both debuted in Europe, quickly gaining popularity in Italy, France, and Spain. British and European settlers soon brought the treat over to North America, spreading water ice globally.

Rita’s Italian Ice developed from this rich history, starting in 1984. Bob Tumolo, a former Philadelphia firefighter, started serving Italian ice from a small porch window during that sweltering summer, naming the business after his wife. The delicious treat was a hit with Philadelphians, who quickly grew demand enough to warrant the expansion of Rita’s to several more Philly locations. In 1989, Bob began to franchise the business, growing to more than 100 outlets in nine states over the next seven years.

Since the 1990s, Rita’s Italian Ice has only continued to grow, with a loyal customer following and local entrepreneurs. It now has more than 600 locations worldwide. The beloved Italian ice and ice cream store is now expanding to the Hawaiian islands, thanks to the dedication and excitement of two local entrepreneurs.